Europe’s largest museums, from Paris to London to Athens, are finally reopening

Europe's largest museums, from Paris to London to Athens, are finally reopening

For many of Europe’s largest museums, the time of hope and openness has arrived!

In Paris, this Wednesday morning, the first visitors were able to re-enter the Louvre, the world’s most-visited museum closed for more than six months.

Measurements are greatly reduced, with the opportunity to discover the museum’s masterpieces alone or almost, however, far from the usual crowd …

Opportunity to meet Mona Lisa face to face …

In London, museums are also reopening.

On Tuesday, the Royal Academy of Arts opened the main exhibition of the latest collection of spring paintings by renowned artist David Hockney.

Restrictions have been relaxed, and hope is reborn through the expression of these circumstances and the season …

Find out in London until September 26 …

It’s spring in Amsterdam, too, and the National Museum of Regex Museum opens this week with an exhibition simply called “Slavery”.

History of slavery through the history of the Netherlands.

The inauguration took place in the presence of King Willem-Alexander, to the sound of a traditional song performed by Isalin and Roll Callister of the Netherlands Antilles.

Ticket booking is online only.

Finally, in the south, as in Athens, museums are already open for a few days.

Among them, majestic Acropolis Museum, With re-fitted measurements and health controls to suit the situation.

Tourists have not yet returned to the streams, but the season begins uniformly and the streets of the Greek capital are gradually discovering its terraces, its pedestrians, its charm and pleasant music …

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