Tyler Duffy tried to reach Jermin Mercedes last night

Tyler Duffy tried to reach Jermin Mercedes last night

Now, the focus in major league baseball is not on the league stars, but on those who continue to dominate the game. In fact, not even the best player on the planet was injured.

No, getting attention is just another discussion of the unwritten rules of the game. The “culprit” at this point? Jermin Mercedes’ white socks of the year, who decided to start 3-0 as the team led by 11 points and wide receiver Williams Astudillo were on the field for the doubles.

I can not believe we are still there, but hey.

In short, it’s snowing. Last night, apparently, the spirits got hot during the meeting between the two rivals of the division.

With the White Sox leading 4-2, we move into the seventh inning. Mercedes is on the battlefield, Tyler is on Duffy Mount.

And, unfortunately, what had to happen happened.

Duffy was expelled from the game just like his manager Rogo Baldelli.

Not only through this gesture, I allow an editorial note here to express my frustration with all the discussions surrounding the Mercedes circuit. In 2021, just months after Fernando Todd Jr. made a similar gesture, the game allowed itself to be questioned a bit, and the debate over why is coming Again?

If your enemy wants to respect you when you lose, give them reasons to do so. I understand the strategic aspect of sending a level player to the dock, but if you make such a decision, take the risks that come with it. Friends do not have to leave opportunities at the table to protect the ego of a team that has something bad on the computer, especially when the numbers affect their next contract.

But let’s go back to yesterday, because this gesture is only the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, after the meeting, Tony La Rusa met with the media. When asked about Duffy’s action, he replied that he had no problem with the duo’s decision. In fact, what bothered him was a bullet in the face, but the rest is fine..


Mercedes is not the only one being attacked for possession Beat home run, Which is already very surreal, but in addition, his manager did not even take his defense, and is he comfortable even when the opponent deliberately tried to reach one of his players?

When we tell you that 2021 is a year as strange as 2020.

Consider a happy moment that occurred during the meeting, when Miguel Sano gave up three home runs during the match. This is unfortunate about events like Mercedes: it removes “attention” at notable sporting events.

I truly believe that attitudes in MLP will eventually change. What keeps the game developing is not the pitcher trying to hit the hitters it actually created Good news At the game level, players who are fun and players who do not avoid giving a voucher Show.

Because, between you and me, I believe that a person like Fernando Toddis Jr. attracts more new fans than Tony La Rusa, who wants to have fun and play according to the “no” rules of a new person. ”.

In short, we hope this discussion Finally The guys behind us and will continue to give 100%, no matter what. Also, please, the pitchers will stop beating “to get a message”. It didn’t get its place in the game.

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