OSF Digital Acquires Expensive Expansion Team in Australia and New Zealand – Latest News

OSF Digital Acquires Expensive Expansion Team in Australia and New Zealand - Latest News

Quebec-based digital cloud and trading company OSF Digital has acquired the New Zealand-based Adapt Group with the aim of expanding its global reach. The terms of the contract have not been released.

“This acquisition expands our presence in Australia, creating the integration of our existing team in the Asia-Pacific region.”
– Gerard Satwani

OSF Digital said the acquisition aims to expand its presence in Australia and Zealand. Adept was founded in 2010 as a project management consulting firm, but later evolved into providing a wide range of consulting and salesforce services across a wide range of industries, including the B2B business. Talented customers include banking, retail and energy companies.

OSF Digital, which has more than 1,000 employees and 40 offices worldwide, said the acquisition would support its mission to become a “leading global partner in digital transformation” for business brands.

“This acquisition expands our presence in Australia and builds our existing team integration in the Asia-Pacific region,” said Gerard Satwani, CEO of OSF Digital. “This decision strengthens our position as a leading partner in the digital transformation for the P2B and P2C brands who want to launch or improve their digital strategies locally and grow globally.”

Founded in 2003, OSF aims to assist digital brands in their digital transformation journey, especially in relation to P2C and P2B commerce. OSF offers services in many business areas such as digital e-commerce, headless e-commerce and online store management.

The company has also developed a number of business solutions such as exclusive online stores for grocers, large corporations and consumer goods companies. In addition to its products and services, OSF Digital also operates a Headless Commerce Technology Accelerator, which enables launching brands using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

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The acquisition follows C $ 52 million Series B financial rounds for OSF Digital. Proceeds from this round should be used for future acquisitions, expanding the company’s growth into new regions, and other areas of business growth.

OSF Digital’s relationship with Adopt began in 2019, when OTF joined the OSF Global Partner Alliance, which allows companies to become strategic partners with the OSF.

“OSF executives have noticed that the vision of both companies is aligned with the purpose of providing P2B and P2C business services,” Satwani said. “As part of the company’s efforts and mission to become a leading global digital transformation partner for business brands around the world, OSF began to see New Zealand and Australia as logical opportunities for expansion.”

Dominic Stow, CEO of Adept, said the acquisition will allow Adept to better meet the needs of its B2B customer base, while helping B2C businesses in the region with a lower digital business perspective.

“Digital business service companies are neither more nor less in the region with the skills or experience to help P2C companies develop and implement their digital strategies – they do not have the required strength or capabilities. ‘

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