MLP: Uncompromising Hyun Jin Reo, Blue Jays Shutout 8-0

MLP: Uncompromising Hyun Jin Reo, Blue Jays Shutout 8-0

Dunedin, Pla. – Hoon Jin Ryu struggled in seven innings on the pitch to beat the Boston Red Sox 8-0 against the Boston Red Sox on Tuesday night.

Rio (4-2) limited the Red Sox hitters to four wins, with seven more. Travis Bergen, Tyler Chadwood and Rafael Dollis completed the mount work for Blue Jays.

Danny Johnson made a single in the second inning and then left for a big walk in the fourth inning, in which Blue Jays scored three runs.

Red Sox starter Eduardo Rodriguez (5-2) gave up five runs and 11 wins in five innings. The left-hander was on the mound for at least five innings at the start of the 36th inning.

Johnson gave the Blue Jazes a 1-0 lead with a single against Rodriguez. This is only his second win in 26 batting appearances against left-handed pitchers this season.

Marcus Semyon and Bo Pichet won 4-0 in the fourth inning.

After Lourdes doubled from Curiel Jr., Johnson came out on top with two strikeouts. Semian Curiel crossed with a plate, then Johnson scored a short goal from an outfielder after a bad pitch for Hunter Renfro on the right field. Pichet made another run with a double run.

Currial also added a nice fifth solo at another point.

The only home run of the Randall Christchurch game in the eighth inning was good for two, leading to an 8-0 lead.

DeScar Hernandez had three wins, including one good for a point in sixth place for the Blue Jazz.

With two wins in three batting appearances, Johnson raised his average to .143.

The Blue Zeus have won for the ninth time in their last 12 games.

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