Is Mayor Sadiq Khan going for a second term?


London: Is Mayor Sadiq Khan going for a second time?
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The current mayor of London is in the running for the presidency and may be re-elected president of the British capital. France Televisions is looking back at an election that created a surprise in 2016.

Sadiq Khan, Labor Mayor of London, easily handles between food distribution and playing cricket with children. He knows how to blend in many worlds, which is key to his success. With a lead of nearly 20 points on the ballot, he has a good chance of becoming the head of the English capital after the next election. “My priority jobs, jobs and jobs. With Covid 19, 300,000 Londoners have lost their jobs.”, He says. His election in 2016 marked the country’s history: he was the first Muslim to head to a major western capital.

Sadiq Khan was hailed as a progressive mayor, marching on the pride of homosexuals, campaigning against Brexit or mocking Donald Trump. Murad Qureshi, a Labor member of the London Legislative Assembly, says his humble appearance allows him to stay close to the people. “He’s the son of a bus driver who grew up in community housing in south London. I think that’s exactly what defines his personality.”, He recalled.

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