David Hockney’s Normandy on display in London

David Hockney's Normandy on display in London

The most expensive painter in the world who loves Normandy. The David Hockney series, dubbed “The Arrival of Spring,” will be on display at the Royal Academy Museum in London from May 23.

David Hogney celebrates his love for Normandy At an exhibition presented in London from May 23rd. A Royal Royal Academy At the center of English capital, he ” The arrival of spring .

One hundred and sixteen works Drawn on iPod The first imprisonment A year ago. The most expensive painter in the world was later isolated in his luxurious home in Base de Agile.

A series of paintings made in Normandy and called “The Arrival of Spring” are on display in London © Radio France
Richard Place

A Digital tabletUse brushes An application created specifically for him, It was with these tools and his garden that David Hockney drew his Normandy. One thing that was before his eyes, was nature. The project was planned before epidemics and locks.

One Hundred and Sixteen Paintings by David Hochney during his imprisonment in Base de Agile
One Hundred and Sixteen Paintings by David Hochney during his imprisonment in Base de Agile © Radio France
Richard Place

Bayox tape as a source of inspiration

Norman influence This exhibition is not limited to the landscapes painted by the artist. David Hockney was very interested Bayox tape. Edith Devane, supervisor of the Royal Academy in London, explains that when the museum opened, he visited it several times and was inspired to create the series.

The most colorful works of all time by David Hockney will be on display London from 23 May And in Orange Museum in Paris At the end of the year.

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