Application clips used in Australia for communication tracking

If they were more sensible in France, App Clips would already be a part of the daily life of a section of the Australian population. These mini apps are used on a communication tracking device in the state of Victoria that you can start by scanning the QR code or accessing your iPhone with the NFC tag.

“It is not mandatory to use a government application until a test is carried out in one way or another, but these QR codes are abundant in restaurants, libraries, bars, stores … almost everywhere, Explains Sectors, a loyal reader living in the region.

By being compatible with the application clips, the check-in system eliminates the need for the application Service Victoria On his iPhone. Australians scanning these QR codes will first see a notification when entering companies. If you tap it, a preview of the application clip will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Touching the “Open” button will open the actual clip application. The user can enter his first name, last name and phone number, which will be used by a person favorable to Covid-19 to contact him at the same time. Once registered, the service provides the clip utility to install the full version of Victoria, but nothing is required.

Application clips are very smoothly accepted The most scattered way By application publishers and service providers. In France, there are only Lime bikes and scooters Out Of some applications.

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