Willie Begon: “Low-cost French education in London”

Portrait de Willy Bégon

Approaching Diplomatic elections, Which takes place in the UK on May 30, presents eight candidate lists in the London constituency by Lepiditjournal.com. Today, Willie Beacon tops the list Union Franாங்கois des Troits in the United Kingdom, Looks back on its plans and ambitions.

Why did you decide to run in the diplomatic election?

Being the first party in France, it is unthinkable that our views were not mentioned in these diplomatic elections. We were eager to give a voice to the French in the United Kingdom who love France and want to protect it.

How would you define your list and its political orientation?

Our list brings together all parties selected in 2017 to support the second round of the Marine Le Pen-led renewal program, but not in the aftermath of the destruction of our country by Emmanuel Macron. It brings together different ideas that agree on the essentials, just as we want our country to.

What are the three main projects you are carrying out?

The first is to make French education accessible in London. We also want our comrades to have more access to diplomatic services. Finally, the spread of French identity and culture in the United Kingdom appears to us to be a fundamental issue in the years to come.

What do you think is the priority issue for the French people living in the United Kingdom?

Snatching. Many of our comrades leave their family and friends for purely economic reasons and then isolate themselves, especially in this particular situation due to the current epidemic. Leaving your country is often heartbreaking. It is ours in the United Kingdom to support a French community that maintains contact with our homeland. At the same time, the French authorities had to reclaim the country’s charm, making it no longer inevitable to go abroad.

How do you plan to fix this?

As for French families, we want to make access to French education at a lower cost. For our comrades who do not live in London, our aim is to provide appropriate diplomatic service by expanding the role of honorary ambassadors and increasing diplomatic tours. Finally, we would like to enhance the relationship between the embassy and foreigners by organizing events that unite the entire French community in the UK on key dates in the national calendar.

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