The Rise of Mythical Skyscrapers in New York

What is life like for former presidents after the White House?

This week, a letter from the United States goes sky high. Undeniably, skyscrapers Visual signature of New York. From the 25th floor of a building where the RDL office is located, Lionel Gentron creates the panorama of these towers as part of the soul of Manhattan.

Then, the reporter in the United States takes us to Call and four of his best “skyscrapers”: The A world center, The tallest tower, theEmpire State Building, Very mythical, the A Vanderbilt, Most recent or most “Art Deco” Chrysler Building.

The journalist gives us their story, but also their secrets. Why is a world center 541 meters or 1,776 feet high? Where does the name Empire State Building come from? Which is the favorite tower of New Yorkers? High walk on the peaks of one of the best cities in the world.

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