If we had played to discover North America …

If we had played to discover North America ...

The Traveling Readers’ Club invites you to rediscover North America with anagrams, a flag to identify, a fact – a lie, a mystery character and a book to recognize. Every Tuesday, this will be your game.

Mystery flag

Where am I?

Guess which state in the United States this flag belongs to. To help you, here are three clues:

  1. I have three national parks and I am a very tourist destination.
  2. I became an American in 1912, and I am the 48th State of the United States.
  3. I am famous for my large desert plateaus where many Westerners were shot.
Food - Burger - Fast Food - Hamburger - Calories - Fat - Meat - Steak - Cheese - Tomato - Salad.  Nancy July 24, 2018. Someone eats a burger in front of a McDonald's fast food restaurant in Saint-Digier.  Photo by Alexandre March.  Photo by ER / Alexandre March

Right or wrong?

Find out if the statements below are true or false:

  1. The United States is the largest landmass in North America.
  2. Only one in ten Americans has worked for McDonald’s.
  3. 46 million turkeys are fed on Thanksgiving Day in the United States.
Mystery character

who am I ?

Find out if this traveler uses five clues:

  • My studies, what a micmake!
  • I go first to the sources of a monk.
  • According to a singer popular in France and North America, I could have traveled the winter upside down.
  • I am an excellent cartographer. This allowed me to send the lands I visited to the first discoverer.
  • I am a sailor and from Saint-Malo.
Golden Gate - San Francisco - Photo Adobe Stock

North America in a good way

Put the letters in the correct order and find them using a clue (we’re awesome!), A place, a building or an event. Ignore accents or punctuation.

Turkey turkey. Table: On the east coast.

He is a certified leader. Table: New York, New York.

Androgenous genus. Table: A gap hole.

Stuffed cannons. Table: All slanted.

Pale hunting. Table: Terrible feathers.

Annie Lee Cooper (Oprah Winfrey) - Selmamartin Luther King Jr., anti-Erstore whore Gertsjebiot.  .

In the library

Find the juice extracted book below with the help of a clue. Hint: With over two million copies sold, the cult novel has become a hit. You don’t have to see life in black and white.

“I came home that morning after I was fired, and I stayed out with my new work shoes. The shoes that cost my mom a month’s of electricity. I think I realized what a shame it was, what color it was. Is the color of a new white uniform, and when your mother washes one night to earn money to buy it, you bring it to her without a stain, without a trace of work ”.

Solutions in our Thursday column

To get solutions, you need to show clarity or patience. Answers will be formalized in our Thursday column.

Members - Travel Readers - Photo by Philip Margashi

Every day, find the Travel Readers’ Club and travel with it

Over the years, your newspaper has created a club of travel readers. Many benefits (discounts for subscribers, press support, regional transfers … and good humor) invite you to discover the world differently during travel. A temporary travel calendar is available throughout 2021.

While waiting to travel, find an appointment every day at 3pm on your newspaper’s passenger readers page, which will allow you to “visit” other places. These invention will be fun and hot with games, sometimes amazing photos, a gastronomic tour of the world for taste buds and inevitably funny stories.

Feel free to contact us or send your comments to the club’s email address: [email protected].

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