Through its first “Camp de Pace” store, “Hatopia” sets up its tent on the Lyon Peninsula.

Via son 1er magasin “Camp de base”, “Huttopia” pose sa tente dans la Presqu’île lyonnaise
Through its first

Lyon-based Hatobia has 49 camps worldwide in France, the United States, Canada and China, but now a store located in the center of Lyon will also open on May 19: “Hatobia Camp de Base”. In an outfit that alternates between birch and Douglas-fir, you have everything you need for camping, using iconic brands, but also a travel agency, as well as a bookstore and a bar-restaurant. All focus on the goals of the “glowing” inventor.

Philip and Cecil Bosanne, a couple from Leonois who co-founded the Hattopia camping company, have turned the Douglas fir and tent canvas into gold as two of the company’s symbols. Already before the crisis, their blindfolds (glamor and abstraction of camps) were on the rise. With three prisons and the values ​​and credibility of nature, this wind now seems to be turning into a solid cherokee. As a source, despite being closed for two months due to the epidemic, Hatopia registered more customers last year than it did in 2019!

Within a month, a Hatopia village in California, another in Athrondox, will open three hours by car from New York.

If Hatobia Camps are trendy, why shouldn’t a downtown Hatobia shop revolve around the same values?

To this question, Philip and Cecil Bozen answered the opening of the RDL Ancien Prefecture, a 250m2 shop near the Place des Jacobs in the middle of the Lyon Peninsula.

The Hattopia universe is set as you walk through the front door, because the first element of the decor you see is a Hattobia tent, mixed with Douglas pine canvas, all of which are warm in a strong wooden presence.

As for Cecil Boson, “We’ve been thinking about a store for years. Because everyone who travels knows this: Pleasure begins with its preparation: reading a guide, drawing maps, purchasing the necessary equipment, and imagining activities that can be practiced on site. In this store we wanted to connect together. “

Add: “This is where our customers can come to visit us, allowing us to book their stay in the presence of a travel agency.”

Iconic and rather high end

Hattobia Travel Agency is located on the terrace next to a children’s store, a workshop space that develops with the seasons, a pop-up shop to welcome young designers in the outdoor field, and a showroom that caters to emerging products during the seasons: currently high tents.

On the ground floor there is a boutique area that offers a selection of useful items to organize your next camp trip, including many iconic items such as brands such as Sawyard Open Knife, camp furniture. Lafuma, “Palladium” shoes, “Le Grand Tetras” water bottle, American “Yeti” air conditioners or even the Japanese brand “Snow Peak” products.

The Hatobia executive couple wants to expand this concept by making their own leather goods soon.

There is a bar / restaurant where you can find food prepared in jars by local farm owners.

Finally, the place is occupied by a bookstore for traveling in Hatobia and having many guides and travel literature and IGN maps.

A Guide to Rootard, Special Hatopia

To support this idea, Philip and Cecil Boseen provided the services of Philip Gloquen, the creator of the Guide to Route, which dedicated a special edition to 49 Hatobia camps.

“This guide is not a bright brush,” he explains bluntly. Because it’s about a partnership, but it’s about adding: “This guide wants to be honest about categorizing and commenting on each camp so that readers can get a more accurate idea of ​​the locations. He will not be disappointed in the end, once he gets there.”

So, in the end, to escape nature crushing through this new store to the city center, it is a mix of old camps, with very few notes and “Tell me about the earth”, except for the Lyon Travel Bookstore, where only the books sold refer to the tourist sites where the Hattobia camps are located.

From this primary (“primary”), it remains to be seen whether Hatobia’s managers would like to develop this concept in other cities. Possible, but not sure, to listen to them, in a nutshell. In fact, Philip and Cecil Bozen are waiting to see the public reaction to this comment, which is ultimately very new because it is so selfish to see if it can multiply such “basic camps” in the future …

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