The playlist you need

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The playlist you need

This week with Yiji, Diane, Musi, Hyperactive Leslie, Billy Elish, Frank Raphael and friends.

Interplastic – Musi

You have to watch him wander through the South African bush and land alone on the electrifying mixstep, slowly connected between a happy kick and a trigger for pure nature. Here, e demonstration and perfectly online.

Touched – Hyperactive Leslie

It is also necessary to wonder how far a simple rhythm can hold, rotate the polytonal before discovering its own elegance, this system will allow some advanced arpeggio snots to fly.

PAC-Dive – YG (Record. Diane)

You must have heard this: Back-Man’s major music theme in version 2021 and the marketing inspiration that manages its reinterpretation in Sino-Japanese. Back-dive does not run like a fool on computer networks, but plays games, cooking and maybe even.

Winter One – Frank Robrols and Friends

You should know: Even in cowboy times, you can invite some friends over to share beef. Suddenly, we go straight to the main course, in the rapperolian fatigue we know, this time spice up the influence of the Canterbury Soul School.

Your Power (Achievement. Stephen Colbert) – Billy Elish

We know it well: a new album will be released this summer, meanwhile, here is a pop of American elegance close to the first hunger, sand and desert, adorned with a text above all else. The wicked are wicked, and they know it well (they are wicked).

Display: Your Power (Achievement. Stephen Colbert) – Billy Elish

Charlene Favier’s “Slalom”: The first film to strike at the heart of the grip
The playlist you need

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