The cryptocurrency will explode after launching on May 10th

Dominic Williams, fondateur de Dfinity. Image: Dfinity

As we know, the world of cryptocurrency is particularly fashionable. Bitcoin is breaking records, and more and more people are interested in this new payment method. Recently, a new currency has created a buzz: Internet computer (IC). Launched on May 10, it is already in the top 10 of the most traded cryptocurrencies.

Today, here it is with $ 45 billion in capital. Project, announced and created Dominic Williams, Is the result of five years of work. In fact, the latter aims to create a new web, fully decentralized. In one day of trading, the value saw a huge rise, with the stock reaching $ 700, before returning to 250 to stabilize at 340.

The Internet computer, a crypto, has air on its ships

The Internet computer is actually a whole new platform whose purpose is to free the world from dependence on decentralized servers. The idea is to succeed in doing without the classic private cloud tools, software and other databases. This is a way to get rid of groups like Facebook and Amazon.

A decentralized web project

Another interesting thing is that Definity claims to be able to manage its network user data in a personal and secure manner. No username, password or other cryptographic keys are required. As the world of cryptocurrency in particular continues to gain interest, it is a project that will arouse curiosity and interest. As a source, the capital is $ 2.500 billion.

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