Pierre-Oliver Lestage is already in the good grace of Pete Caroline

Pierre-Oliver Lestage is already in the good grace of Pete Caroline

Pierre-Oliver Lestage only needed one coach to make a good impression on Seattle Seahawk head coach Pete Carroll.

“I’m excited about this guy,” the driver told a news conference Friday after his team’s first training at first-year players camp.

Carol of the Quebec offensive line added: “He was really focused and motivated to come here.

The NFL draft has not been made in the last auction, University de Montreal as a free agent, signed with cihakkal karapins product. Before Seattle offered him a contract, he caught Caroline’s attention from their first conversation.

“When I first spoke to him, he was in the subway or something,” the coach recalled. We had to find a way to understand each other, but I could feel his enthusiasm and desire to be a part of our organization. He’s such a brilliant young man, I can’t wait to see him get his place. ”

Already planned

Speaking of waking up, Carol already seems to have plans for Lestage and wants to see the 30-foot LP young man of 6 feet 3.

“We are going to try him as a guard and an alternative center,” he said. For now, we’d love to see him in the guard post, but we’re only on the first day of camp. We will find out more in the coming days. ”

Seahawk’s big boss’ comments about Saint-Eustachian origin were not noticed in Seahawk’s media entourage. In fact, a journalist with the daily “The News Tribune” talked about it, and confirmed that the 12thmanrising.com site also carried out a “real theft” by awarding a contract to the Seattle club Lestage.

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