Clint Frasier is in the worst order of her career

Clint Frasier is in the worst order of her career

Before training camp, Brian Cashman and Aaron Boone mentioned who their left fielder was: Clint Frasier. For the first time in his life, Clint Frasier never had to fight for his job. Maybe he should be.

With the exception of a few defensive strengths, his start to the season was grim. He hit a small .141 batting average with three Homers and six RBIs. It is too low to respect the confidence vote he received from his bosses.

Completely lost

His last week was really a sign that he had won at rock bottom. Last Wednesday against Race, he was expelled from the game for criticizing an officer in the strike zone. This is the sign of a hitter looking for himself.

Weak Brett Gardner suffered a concussion on Friday after forgetting to run the ball. He was easily fitted on the second floor. When nothing is going right.

If Frasier still plays every day, it’s thanks to Gardner who is much better than him. Aaron Hicks’ injury also contributes to his cause. The time he plays is hanging by a thread.


It was the first time in his life that he was going through such a slow period. In recent days, he has tried to change his pace somewhat in order to develop more power in his contacts.

At the dawn of the season, he said he had matured. He no longer uses his colorful statements to attract attention. He no longer has his divisive attitude. If it wanted to change more, Clint Fraser might have changed its character. One thing is for sure, his faith suffers. Hope is the foundation for all baseball players. He needs to find her.

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