Bourne and South America: Call for Evidence

Bourne and South America: Call for Evidence

Laura Laborer, a doctoral student at the University of Toulouse 2, said, “I would like to read about the relationships that existed today between Argentina and the descendants of the Uruguayans, Barnais, Pasquas or Picordans and their families who stayed in France.

He calls for evidence to carry out his research.

“I, myself, a native of the Aspe Valley, have Over 150 years of immigration, it is heartening to see the connections between our region and South America, Béarn PhD student explains. These attachments, which are dragged into families, forgotten in letterboxes or kept in memories, need to be documented to calculate the great density of past and present relations that unite us with Argentina and Uruguay.

Did you know that part of your family has gone to Argentina or Uruguay and / or there are many family stories about “uncle or aunt from the United States”?
Some members, or even an entire branch of your family, left to “create America,” but, for various reasons, want to return to immigrate to France?
Are you looking for a branch of the family that went to Argentina or Uruguay, trying to reconstruct your family history with photos, letters or other family heirlooms?
Did you welcome your Argentine or Uruguayan “relatives” during your stay or vacation?
Do you plan to meet in touch?

The doctoral student can be contacted at [email protected] or at 07 68 28 96 54.

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