Adelaide's special bubble operates ahead of the Australian Open

Adelaide’s special bubble operates ahead of the Australian Open

That was announced by Tennis Australia (DA) boss Craig Daily “Top 3 Men and Top 3 Women” It will be limited to Adelaide rather than Melbourne ahead of the Australian Open, and the rest of the circuit does not seem to have been enjoyed by everyone.

Daily did not mention any names, but one might think the boys were Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Dominic Theme. Among the girls, it’s about Ashley Party, Simona Halep and Naomi Osaka, however one wonders why the Australians will be there because there are no isolations. It’s hard to imagine Serena Williams not being bothered.

The reason Tiley proposed was to release in Melbourne the reception conditions reserved for the maximum 1,250 foreigners involved in the Australian Open, noting that about fifty people would be isolated in this second bubble. But even if the TA’s boss promised it “Isolation conditions are the same”, To stop speculation on another treatment reserved for the best players, the argument was not heard.

“It’s different for a game where we all have to be on the same level.”

Since these first 3s are far from Melbourne’s performance, it seems that the conditions will not be the same as the others, with the players involved being able to come out with the freedom to go all out within the allotted five hours with all their staff. Outside the hotel room. In Melbourne, only one accompanying player will be allowed to go out …

Suddenly, according to our information, it starts screaming in circles. “This announcement for the first 3s, it fell a little bit from the sky, it’s weird to say the least,” Jeremy Chardy explains. They can even benefit from a gym at the hotel and do their workouts without counting the five-hour allotment. Everyone can go out. They can live almost normally. They already have a lot of offers … If they can do everything better than you, it will not be the only product. This is different for a game where we all have to be on the same level. If I were 4th in the world, I would be defeated! What would have happened if “Rodger” (Federer is currently ranked 5th in the world) Did you come “

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