MLP: Vladimir Guerrero hits 10th Homer and Bryce Harper injured in game

MLP: Vladimir Guerrero hits 10th Homer and Bryce Harper injured in game

Dunedin, Pla. – Vladimir Guerrero Jr. dropped a long ball and the Toronto Blue Jays beat Philadelphia Bliss 4-0 on Saturday night.

Guerrero scored his 10th home run of the season, hitting the ball solidly on the opposing field in the first inning, losing to Aaron Nola (3-3).

“It’s so nice to see how everything is going now,” Guerrero said with the help of a translator.

“But what’s more important is to see how my teammates behave at this time. Everyone trusts each other.”

Anthony Kay led the Blue Jays for four innings, giving up only one win and two hits. Made 79 throws. Relievers Travis Bergen (2-0), A.J. Cole, Tyler Chatwood and Jordan Romano completed the work for the Torontonians.

The Blue Jays pitchers limited their opponents to six wins, hitting an additional 14 batters.

Lourdes Curiel Jr. added a run double and Reese Megueware added a run single to give the Blue Jays a 3-0 lead in the second inning.

In the eighth inning, Randall Christch crossed the plate when Billies second paceman Jean Sekura made a mistake. Thanks for a double thank you to Krischuk it was up the paths.

Nola was automatically six and two-thirds of the innings, conceding three runs, nine wins and three walks. He defeated nine enemies.

Andrew Knob hit wide receiver J.D. in the eighth inning. He was called up as a backup to Realmuto. Realmudo are battling a left wrist injury, according to Billie’s manager Joe Girardi.

The Billies also missed the services of star player Bryce Harper, who left the game with a right shoulder injury.

“It appeared tonight,” Girardi said of Harper’s injury.

“He came to see us. It was the right thing to do. You didn’t want to risk making it worse at the time, so we kicked it out.”

Scott Kingery replaced Harper on the right field in the fourth inning. Billies points out that Harbor will be evaluated daily.

Both teams will conclude their three-game series in Florida on Sunday. The Billies won the first game 5-1 on Friday.

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