McLaren is revamping the famous Gulf supply in Monaco

McLaren is revamping the famous Gulf supply in Monaco

Under the slogan Courage is back (Courage is back), McLaren posted a surprise on YouTube at the end of the day: In Monaco, the MCL 35Ms will be adorned with the famous sky blue and orange decoration of the Gulf Tanker familiar to motor sports enthusiasts.

The combination of choice

In a clip that lasts a few minutes, Lando Norris watches F1 footage on television and then goes to a garage with the 1996 McLaren F1 GTR on a Gulf distribution. Touching it, as illuminated by this precious past, Lando goes into a modern jumpsuit and wears it with his gloves and helmet, then appears the McLaren MCL35M, showing the same blue and orange combination. To celebrate its partnership with the American company, it is no surprise that McLaren has stockpiled for us in Monaco.

Already from 2017, McLarens exchanged money used to return to the original papaya orange from 1997 to 2016 due to a partnership with a cigarette maker and Mercedes. Since last year, McLaren has signed a joint venture with the Gulf, and after a frightening look on the car’s sides, it is now clear. Moreover, the move also raises concerns about the suits and helmets of pilots who adopt a retro look during the Monaco GP.

A historical presentation

Finally, although this offering is popular, it will first appear in Formula 1 because the Gulf supply is associated with Le Mans and endurance above all else, with John Wire Racing’s Ford GT 40s, winning in 1968 and 1969, and the GP in the mid ’90s Porsche 917 star of Le Mans movie with Steve McQueen.

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La Porsche 917 Gulf

Mike Jones, PDGT Gulf Oil International, a revelation: “When we did the presentation last year, the reaction from the fans was surprising and we were shocked. Some of our fans had previously drawn their own moccasins and sent us personal messages on social media asking why we didn’t do this. (Fans already imagined the codemasters’ F1 2020 game, for the editor’s reference). So Jack and I started thinking about the history of the Gulf and McLaren, to see what we could do, and it grew from there. “

The rules of the NF1 are much stricter than the Indigo (we remember the different livelihoods of the BAR in the 1999 Australian GP), so McLaren had to get the approval of the governing bodies. Run with this unique distribution. “They all liked it and approved.”Said Brown. “At this point, we only want to use it in Monaco.”, He clarified. “If you have a special presentation I think you should keep it special. Everyone knows this, it’s not often done in Formula 1. I can not wait to see the reaction from the fans. I think he will be the star of the show in Monaco.”

Teams should be allowed to go often!

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