Mars flight with 3D glasses

Mars flight with 3D glasses

When Five flight tests Who did Ingenuity, The cameras of diligence took many pictures and recorded spectacular videos. Now NASA has released Primo video in 3D of The third plane Carried out on April 25th. Also released by the American Space Agency Instructions Create anaglyph viewing glasses.

3D ingenuity video

Flight and return to aircraft and helicopter base The third plane (Ingenuity traveled 100 meters in about 80 seconds) Recorded Mastcom-Z Of the rover. Mounted on the “head” of diligence, this dual camera allows operators to see the surface of Mars and the movements of a robotic arm.

NASA engineers developed one 3D version of the video, Adds in-depth information captured by Mastcom-Isal. A stereogram (or anaglyph) was then obtained, visible with special glasses. Users can create glasses by following Instructions.

Download and print the template on the cardboard box, cut out the glasses and paste the two colored cellophane pieces (red on the left and cyan on the right). You can watch video of ingenuity and others 3D images Is in the archives of NASA.

After completing the demonstration phase, the helicopter will move to the operating phase, which will deliver Wind support for diligence, Or spy operations to identify any obstacles in the path of the rover.

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