London denies delay in taking action against Indian diversity

Malgré les appels à la prudence de scientifiques, Boris Johnson a toutefois estimé qu

Boris Johnson warned on Friday that the Indian variance would hamper the final removal of restrictions in the UK scheduled for June 21.

The British government on Sunday backed delays in tightening restrictions on travelers from India. If variation May disrupt the purpose of decontamination in the UK.

On April 19, the administrator decided to put India on the red list of countries banned from entering the United Kingdom, except for those who are forced to undergo ten days of hotel isolation. The measure has been in use in neighboring Pakistan and Bangladesh since early April. On the day Prime Minister Boris Johnson canceled his official visit to India, it was his first major trip abroad due to the worst epidemic in the country.

Health Minister Matt Hancock on Sunday denied that the decision to add India to the red list had been postponed due to the Tory leader’s visit. “We make these decisions based on the evidence“, He assured Sky News. He said that India was reprinted before the Indian variant was appointed.Variation under investigation“And due”Higher positive rateAmong travelers coming from this country.

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Boris Johnson warned on Friday that Indian diversity would hamper the final lifting of all restrictions in the UK, scheduled for June 21, following a tumultuous uprising in northwestern England and London. Despite a cautious call from scientists, he realized there was no reason to postpone the planned relaxation on Monday, returning room service at pubs and restaurants, reopening cultural venues and restaurants, low-capacity venues and resuming overseas trips.

The Scientific Committee (Sage) consulting the government is a “Realistic possibility20 By the end of 2020 this variant is up to 50% more contagious than it appeared in the southeastern UK. The latter led to an eruption of pollution and deaths in the United Kingdom, forcing the country to reorganize itself for long months in January.

If it turns out to be 40% to 50% contagious, loosen controls on Monday.Leading to a significant increase in hospitals“What will be”Similar or larger than previous peaksWhen health services were on the verge of enrichment, the group warned. The number of cases of Indian variation in the UK rose to 1,313 this week from 520 last week, according to the Department of Health.

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