Logan Paul disbands 4 brothers of an NFL superstar … before his eyes!

Rob Gronkowski Logan Paul Glenn, Dan, Chris et Gordie

When Logan Paul continues The man who prepared and influenced Floyd Mayweather to confront him has not forgotten his original work: YouTube. In his last video, he even found the perfect idea for dealing with his two careers: knocking down 4 brothers of an NFL superstar one by one.

On June 6, while Floyd Mayweather was waiting to face off, the fight was over Maximum weight that can not exceed boxing legend, Logan Paul continues his career as a YouTuber and continues videos. Even better, he wears gloves using the same videos and trains with more weight (actually and symbolically).

We are talking about the Kronkowski family, which means the 4 brothers of the great NFL player Rob Krankowski: Glenn, Dan, Chris and Cordy Logan accepted Paul Logan’s boxing challenge. Philosophy? Fight with 90 rounds each time and 4 rounds in a row to defeat the new brother Cronk.

If anyone at the Cronks has no professional boxing career, they all come from the sports world and everyone has a very solid physique. Nothing below the 100 kilogram mark, for example proof.

  • Glenn, an NFL player, clocked 1.91m at 106kg
  • Dawn, NFL player, 1.96m at 116kg
  • Chris, NFL player, 1.88 per 111 kg
  • The former MLP player has a height of 1.98 m at 113 kg

But enough, now we leave you with a video of 4 fights. Make yourself comfortable, Logan happy. None of the brothers survived.

Some may have noticed two small details that shattered: Logan Paul 4 Kronkowski extends the chain of brothers below Rabin’s eyes, he was the referee, but in public in front of their father. Oops, it punches internally.

Brothers Logan did not save Paul Krankowski. We are now asking to see if Rob holds the gloves, with his NFL ownership agreement.

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