In Australia, two workers discovered a giant moth at school

In Australia, two workers discovered a giant moth at school

In Australia, insects are surprisingly large as the size of a small dog or a stick-shaped insect larger than your hand, but when a female endoxyla synirius or giant tree moth was discovered at a school in Queensland, everyone was amazed at its sheer size! For good reason, it’s more like a mouse than a butterfly.

Credit: Mount Cotton State School / Facebook

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“At Mount Cotton State School we have bush turkeys, walruses, koalas, ducks, our rainforests, echidnas, tree frogs, places like chickens and turtles that need to be relocated to our land. Papillon The giant nightclub is not something we have seen before ” School principal Megan Stewart told The Dodo in a statement.

Construction workers spotted a butterfly while working on adding a classroom to the edge of a rainforest. According to experts at the Queensland Museum, female moths of this species can have wingspan of more than 25 centimeters and weigh about 50 grams. This weight, especially for a butterfly, is partly explained by the 20,000 eggs it takes to lay on tree trunks.

Credit: Mount Cotton State School / Facebook

Credit: Wattlebird / Shutterstock

A large moth very rare to see

According to Dr. Christine Lampkin, head of the entomology department at the Queensland Museum, these insects, which are very unusual in Europe, have difficulty carrying planes and crawl on tree branches. Men, only half their size and therefore moving easily.

These moths are also common and are numerous on the beachAustralia, Especially in the Queensland region, their natural camouflage makes them a very rare sight because they are so hard to find in the environment. After the task force took some photos of the giant moth, it was sent back to a tree in a nearby rainforest where a comrade could wait to find it.

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