“I should not be the only team vaccinated”

La crise continue aux Lakers, avec une nouvelle défaite ! NBA

In the health environment marked by the omnipresence of COVID-19, the NBA has to face many changes. One of them is concerned about vaccinating players, although this has not yet been generalized. A member of the title contestant has revealed that he is the only one on his team who has not yet received treatment.

Lockers (41-30, 7th in the West) will never be fully formed in 2020-21, as they will inevitably suffer from physical disabilities this year. The latest announcement is encouraging as Dennis Schrder will return after missing several games due to health protocol. The player also explained that he was not infected with a virus:

Dennis Schrder: “No, I did not test positive for COVID-19.”

“I’m the only guy who hasn’t been vaccinated yet.”

However a statement that raises the eyebrows of some. In fact, the German leader had a split a few days ago Announced … now questioned by these new words. Knowing one thing raises questions about whether he is the only player in the unvaccinated California workforce LeBron James It was also believed that the virus had not been treated.

But suddenly, what does it mean? Did the king tell his men to lie? Was it slipped by Schrder? These questions are not answered at this time. However, that is what it is The relationship between LeBron and his entourage would have been very different During his long orgasm.

Regardless, the former Hawksman has promised to come to the final regular season game against the Pelicans. Good news for the Angelinos that everyone needs during the play-in-match. This would be even more so if they were able to climb into the playoffs, in order to secure the crown.

Small mess around Dennis Schroeder, LeBron and Lakers. It is possible that we will never get all the answers to this story, and certainly not the Californians who are going to give them to us. For example, they now have other things on their mind, such as doing things behind the scenes.

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