Conjunctivitis linked to save our bees


To understand and prevent the cause of “bee colony decline syndrome” around the world, the American company Oracle analyzes data from the affiliated forces of the World Bee Project.

« In a country of all time. The most beautiful bee lived. We watched for a long time. Rising across the sky “, Maya’s bee cartoons once told us.

To fight against the fall of bees, World Bee Project Has created a global network of connected bees. The data collected by the technical equipment of the American company Oracle is analyzed by artificial intelligence programs. Eric Vesier, France’s innovation ambassador for Oracle, explains that this device, which is a warning system, allows beekeepers, scientists, but also governments to make hasty decisions to try to save our friends bees.

Install digital models to predict adverse events for bees

« From beekeepers to scientists, everyone affected by the problem can access this data directly and for free from any digital terminal. This system consists primarily of various types of sensors in and around bees. Information is stored on our computer servers and stored with others. They are analyzed using image and sound recognition software through artificial intelligence, machine learning and in-depth learning programs. , Says Eric Vesier.

Then he adds: ” This analysis makes it possible to establish numerical models to predict adverse events for bees and to generate a warning to people caring for hives in the event of threats. The device was first used by the UK, Hungary and Israel, but today about 60 countries have joined the program. All of these technologies give us a clearer view of the fall of bees by observing the large number of bees in the world, and allow us the best knowledge and awareness of this event to initiate concrete action at the local and global level. Fight the fight of the fallen bee colonies »

Millions of data per minute

These connected hives generate 2 to 3 million data per minute! The visual and auditory sensors of this alarm system scan the vibrations emitted by the swarm and allow immediate detection of hornet attack. Others measure hives health by recording hives weight, temperature, and humidity.

Some report a weather disaster, such as a storm, a chapter of frost, or a continuous heat wave. When World Bee Day It takes place on May 20, after the Maya bee pollination disappears, and the World Bee Project Association reminds us that the ensuing food disaster will affect all of humanity.

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