Be careful, the storage rules for Google Photos and Google Drive will change in June

Changes the way Google hosts files from June 1, 2021. The changes basically affect the photos and the drive.

Do you use Google services to store photos and files? Be aware that until June 1, 2021, US hosting rules will change. On that date, Google will change the method of calculating storage space available to Internet users (15 GB per account with free offer). Internet users will be the losers.

Unlimited storage of Google Photos will stop on June 1, 2021. Prior to this date, Google did not take into account the “high quality” of the photos in its calculations. This means that it does not count displays not exceeding 16 megapixels. Only photos that go beyond (these are “original quality” photos).

Changes the way Google calculates hosted files from June 1, 2021. // Source: Google

Documentation page (Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, Maps, Forms and Jumbo Board) There is a similar evolution. In the future, from June 1, 2021, these files will be included in the calculation of the aggression rate of the Google file. Keep in mind that this 15GB availability for free per account is a global storage space shared between Gmail, Google Photos and Google Drive.

These changes Announced Google on November 11, 2020, six months before the deadline. Internet users who do not move large amounts of documents to the cloud do not have to worry – we do not fill the 15GB size easily – especially if it is stored before June 1, as Google already knows that it will exclude files from its calculation.

The discussed file will not necessarily count, but if it is modified, it will remain

Be careful though: there are some subtleties to be wary of. If Google promises not to count documents already created and stored in its cloud, they will be counted one way or another, June 1 or later, once they have been modified. It is clear that viewing a file already in the cloud before June 1 will have no effect on the calculation. Editing, yes.

Google Provides a support page Specify in which cases the files fall within its computational range. Therefore, the company recalls that the weight of most files stored on Google Drive, including PDF documents, images and videos, has already been taken into account. So the rule now extends to files created or modified through its office suite and its software.

The changes Google announced in November are fundamentally affecting photos and drive.

Internet users who are on the verge of breaking the quota or violating it very soon have three possibilities.

  • Sort out their contents to remove unwanted or large files (or retrieve them to store them locally, that is, on their computer). This can also be a good opportunity to clear your cloud.
  • Consider leaving Google to see if the grass is green somewhere else, however it is not easy (moving your entire cloud is not easy, especially when you have your habits) or does not guarantee success (in fact, it goes nowhere better).
  • On the last track, Google prays for success: Buying extra storage.

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