5 of the best features of the telegram you have to crush from today

Telegram is one of those applications Every day we see new things To do and to try.

Even if you are a frequent user of this app, there are definitely some great functions of the site You probably don’t know, So we’ll show them below so you can squeeze them in completely.

Voice chat function in groups

Voice chats on the telegram

We begin directly with the main syllabus of the table, from the telegram they are now able to add to the application New feature called voice chats. The dynamics of these chats are simple: use a chat where members of a channel or a group can only communicate through audios; To access it, you need to click on the name of the channel in question and click on the microphone icon located in the upper right.

But what do these kinds of talks really offer? Well, not only can it address thousands of participants within the channel, it also allows, for example, Can speak or hear.

Edit your photos with a good own telegram editor

Telegraph photo editor

If you usually send a lot of photo content into the telegram, what you are going to see will be very helpful. When sending your photos from the gallery, you cannot edit them with the editing tools we see in special editors. You also have the option of using masks, Masks of all kinds.

If you click on the brush icon, in the middle sticker and finally In the mask icon on the right, You will enter the said area, so try.

Use dark mode to reduce headaches

Dark chat telegram

Undoubtedly, the fact that the mobile or computer screen is constantly showing strong lights caused major messaging applications to take an important step to solve it, Thus helping the visual health of each of us, They did this in dark mode.

The positive point of Telegram is that it allows you to implement this dark theme in two ways: Fixed and default or, for scheduled times. It is even allowed to set it when you have the right brightness level.

Prepare your account for self-destruction

Delete telegraph account

This is something you may not know, but if for any reason it crosses your mind to delete your Telegram account, you already have the functionality to do so. You can program the account self-destruction tool So it will be removed when you spend a long time without using it, And the dates they leave you to adjust the clock range from one month, 3 or 6 months to a year.

Edit messages you have already sent

Edit telegrams

There is a very useful function available in the telegram, which can undoubtedly save all of us, it is possible Edit any messages you have already sent, Edit it from the root and it will look different without the other person in the chat.

This is something that other apps like WhatsApp do not count on, and if you are interested in learning how to do it, it is necessary to press and hold any message you send (less than a month). Then click Edit Function, Denoted by the pencil icon in the upper center.

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