What if Australia is closed until the end of 2022?

What if Australia is closed until the end of 2022?
Australia's tourism minister hopes the country will be closed to international flights scheduled until the end

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Australia’s tourism minister hopes the country could be closed Scheduled international flights Until the end of next year, depending on the evolution of the Covid 19 epidemic, especially when it starts again in India.

With “Travel Bubble” New Zealand Neighboring country experienced a second hurdle last week as flights to and from Sydney were suspended for three days and resumed after departure on May 10, 2021. Qantas, Australia is ready for the worst. According to Minister Don Tehan, the boundaries Closed from March 2020 The onset of the health crisis is likely to last until the end of 2022 – if necessary. This is ” Very difficult to determine “When the borders reopen, he said Sky News Australia, Adding it ” The most optimistic estimate will be in the middle or second half of next year .

This is a potential blow to the aviation and tourism sectors, with Australia currently delivering only 7,000 visitors a month, compared to one million per epidemic. But the Minister of Tourism has already mentioned Other “bubbles” Especially ” Singapore, Japan, South Korea or Vietnam », Without going to start dates. The government will thus manage and ” Formally “Re-opening the borders,” he added during his interview.

Fewer than 30,000 contaminants have been reported in Australia since the spring of 2020, and vaccination is particularly slow in all “saved” countries. Outside of New Zealand, all travelers from abroad are subject to 14 days of hotel isolation, with the country’s health restrictions being considered the most severe in the world.

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