Restoration: Will there be good weather on May 19th?

Restoration: Will there be good weather on May 19th?

By Gilles MatriconMeteorologist

The second phase of the renovation begins on Wednesday, May 19 with the reopening of closed establishments: shops, cultural spaces, terraces. Will the weather be favorable on that day? Response Elements …

From Wednesday, May 19, the terraces of cafes, bars and restaurants will be able to reopen, as well as cinemas, museums, theaters and performance halls to welcome seated visitors. The stores have been closed since March 30.

This second step is designed with specific measurements for each sector of the process. Meetings of more than ten people will be banned (from six so far) and the curfew order will be changed to 9 p.m. It is necessary to wait until June 9 and then June 30 to further relax these measures.

Without hesitation the weather on May 19 will benefit the regions more than others

In fact, if you plan to celebrate deconfinement outside, you should have some rain at lunch time between the Hots-de-France, the Grand Estate, the Porcogne-Fran காois-Comte and the Rல்பne-Alps. Add to this the risk of winds blowing at speeds of up to 50km / h and temperatures of 12 to 15 degrees Celsius. !

From Normandy to the Paris Basin to Auvergne, the afternoon sky can be quite variable, but a priori will not rain on you. Later in the afternoon, the day is clear and the beginning of the evening is very pleasant, with low winds, but very cool.

From Brittany to New Aquitaine, you will benefit from beautiful clarifications during the lunch break. Even on the terrace in New Aquitaine with 20 C this feeling is so sweet! If you are on Aquitaine Beaches, you will get an advantage!

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Then near the Mediterranean, the sun will come with you all day with temperatures of 20 to 24 degrees Celsius. But you should choose to make full use of your location on the outdoor terraces! In fact, Mircell would sometimes play with the nearest spiceboard at 80km / h on the beach between Marseille and Toulon!

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