Australia with consulate in French Polynesia

Marc Siu, consul honoraire d’Australie depuis 19 ans, laisse place à Claire Scott, première consule générale d’Australie.
Mark Siu, Australia's Honorary Ambassador for 19 years, leads Australia's First Deputy Ambassador, Claire Scott.
Mark Siu, Australia’s Honorary Ambassador for 19 years, leads Australia’s First Deputy Ambassador, Claire Scott. (© VPG)

Claire Scott has been stationed at Australia’s first embassy in Papeete since May 1. Arriving in Fenuva at the end of April, he announced his diplomatic mission announced in 2018 by Scott Morrison (Prime Minister of Australia) and Marys Payne (Foreign Minister).

Called the “Pacific Step-Up” by the Australian government, the project, which includes strengthening Pacific relations, took three years to implement, while Covid-19 delayed its implementation.

The integration of French Polynesia into the Pacific Islands Forum is at the heart of this large-scale project, as exchanges between Fenua and Australia have intensified.

“For us, representation is very important here. I want to be physical because I can do a lot in person. It’s a way to enrich relationships. I can get to know people and see how the country works,” explains Claire Scott. In connection with the Embassy, ​​the Australian Consulate hopes to work in partnership on subjects common to the Pacific.

“We hope to work together on one of the issues of concern to us (…), for example, the issue of gender equality and how to work together to promote gender equality,” the ambassador said.
The end of 19 long years
Those of a business, tourism, cultural and educational nature need to be strengthened.

Until Clary Scott arrived, Mark Siu played the role of honorary ambassador.

According to the latter, the arrival of the embassy general is good news, marking the end of his 19-year adventure.

“I am pleased that the Australian Government has set up a genuine framework for the Australian Consulate to function in good standing.” For the former ambassador to Australia, Australia, France and French Polynesia are in the pipeline for future projects. “Polynesia has common values ​​through Australia and France. They are important not only in diplomatic exchanges but also in trade and cultural exchanges. Industrial fishing in the region and the protection of women’s rights in the Pacific islands are common goals that need to be further explored, beyond declaring good intentions, ”she concludes.

The embassy has temporarily shifted to the Tahiti Nui Hotel while waiting to find a suitable location.

Embassy of Australia Claire Scott: “The main purpose is to make connections”

“The policy of the Pacific hierarchy is very complex. There is one part in opening diplomatic missions to all member states of the Pacific Islands Forum, but there is another part in providing one-on-one development assistance to developing Pacific countries. Canberra today has more human and financial resources to support these relations. Australia and the Pacific will operate. We will deepen our work on various aspects. For now, the main objective is to build connections and understand how the country works. ”


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