Turkey: Erdogan's "right hand" with Imam's sword in Hagia Sofia

Turkey: Erdogan’s “right hand” with Imam’s sword in Hagia Sofia

Sword appearance of Ali Erbos, Chairman of the Directorate of Religious Affairs of Turkey Inside Hakia Sofia Independent Turkish professor and political scientist Mohamed Efeman, who lives in self-exile in Canada, commented harshly in Istanbul.

Ali Erbas, head of the Turkish government’s “Directorate of Religious Affairs” (Turkey’s highest Islamic authority), preached Ramadan for Muslims in Hagia Sofia, which was recently converted into a mosque, holding a sword in his hand. A clear “peace message” Saman wrote on his personal Twitter account.

Common, who works at the University of Newfoundland, was one of the few voices who dared to publicly and directly criticize the Turkish government’s tactics in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean in Turkey. That is why it is a “red cloth” for Erdogan’s nationalists and Islamists, but also for the anti-Kemalist movement in Turkey. The Turkish government last July Hagia turned Sofia back into a mosque, In the context of the president’s new Ottoman dreams Erdogan.

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