The Warriors signed a reinforcement before the playoffs!

L'improbable Warrior qui a pris feu... et gagné sa place dans la rotation ! NBA

In good standing this time around, the Warriors will add extra touch to their staff by signing up for reinforcement for the playoffs. Steve Keruk is a good choice, of course.

Although we thought they were on the threshold of the tank a few weeks ago, the Warriors have a good end to the season. Worn a Step curry The men of Gala, Bay have advanced to 8th place in the West, and are preparing for a hot match against the Lakers in the play-offs.

After this season they believe they can continue, the dubs size can be relied upon to be confirmed, finally after 10 days with two contracts: Gary Beaton II, the first name of the son of the famous Gary Baton.

Evidence tells me and Anthony Slater that he will sign with Golden State Warriors guard Gary Baton II this weekend. Payton showed a good defensive presence during his two 10-day contracts.

Surprisingly, the boy is distinguished by his safety just like his father. During his 10-day career, Baton II did not have much of a chance to distinguish itself, playing an average of 4 minutes in 10 games, with 2.5 points and 0.6 interruptions per trip.

However, his extraordinary defensive qualities were enough to convince the Warriors’ management, and we understand them if we know that GB II was selected with the Raptors 905 as this year’s defensive player in the G-League this season. Here is a legend:

Gary Baton II will be for the Warriors if they need big defense in the short term. If there is a good choice, playoffs for Steff Curry and his team, there is no guarantee that he will play in the playoffs or playoffs.

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