A giant butterfly is found in an Australian school

Photo d'un Papillon
By Benjamin Voland | On 05/06/2021 at 13:38 | Updated 05/06/2021 at 2:34 PM

The wingspan of 25 centimeters is the size of a butterfly accidentally discovered by Australian workers working on the site of an elementary school. The school, located in Queensland, is not far from the tropical jungle.

To find models of this size, you have to travel to the beach Queensland Have a chance to see it. It is also possible to find them on beaches New South Wales. Its size, which is equivalent to that of a mouse, is not surprising because some females can reach 25 centimeters in wings and weigh up to 30 grams.

An invention, however, is “unusual” for the director of the establishment, but not an isolated case. Once, it was discovered a turtle… in the library.

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