This new species of giant saber-toothed cat hunted rhinos in the United States

This new species of giant saber-toothed cat hunted rhinos in the United States

– Daniel Eskridge /

Using extensive fossil comparison techniques, scientists have been able to identify a large new breed of saber-toothed cat. Its representatives may have roamed vast areas of North America 5 to 9 million years ago.

A mighty prehistoric prey

Described recently Journal of Evolution of Mammals, Machirotus lahishub Is a famous ex-cousin With Smiloton (Or saber-toothed tiger) and one of the largest cats ever found, weighing about 275 kilograms or more. A total of seven fossil specimens from the museum collectionOregon, இன் ‘Idaho, In Texas And some California And analyzed by researchers, including legs and teeth.

The age and size of the fossils provided a good starting point for researchers. The team then used digital images and special software to establish similarities between the fossils and the differences with other cat species. The labels on the specimens showed that they belonged to the same giant species that had not been previously identified.

More relevant evidence has come from the teeth, although researchers agree that the first ship-tooth cats were related to each other. ” Blurred “These creatures needed upper limbs to kill their prey, and the largest upper limb or humerus fossil found in the study was 1.4 times larger than the size of the same bone as the modern lion. It provides a good overview of size and power. M. Hadishub.

A Machirotus Lahishup Humorus Discovered in Oregon – © John Arcot / University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History

« We believe these creatures were used to kill wildlife-sized animals. Machirotus lahishup was the largest living cat at the time 2, explains the archaeologist Jonathan Khalid Of ‘Ohio State University. Probably in abundance North America, Rhinos would have been the main targets for this, with camels and laziness significantly larger than their modern counterparts.

“We now have evidence that there was a ship-tooth species in North America as well.”

Although the discoveries made so far about this new species do not include the iconic saber-toothed teeth, M. Hadishub Identified mainly from humerus bones the latest analysis highlights the enormous potential of the software, and several hours of careful study.

Finding it at the right time is not easy, and researchers say it will require a comprehensive family tree of saber-toothed cats to determine the exact location of the breed. These results also raise interesting questions about the evolution of these giant creatures.

« We know that there are giant cats in Europe, Asia and Africa, and there is evidence that there was a ship-toothed species in North America during this period. 2, ends Khalid.

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