A big star who was far behind by the referees!

Les superstars NBA Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic et Stephen Curry à l'occasion du All-Star Game 2021

Refereeing errors are common in the NBA and are part of the game. Nevertheless, a star can really blame the authorities because he often finds himself a victim of these bad whistles, as well as this season … his career.

No, only Luca Doncic continues to complain to the arbitrators. If the Slovenian had recently published headlines for a large number of technical errors following his lamentations, others would have followed him and fallen by the cracks. This is especially the case with Nicola Joachim, whose behavior during the match against Brooklyn a few days ago was similar to that of her European friend.

However, the Joker is actually right to complain. The referee’s statement for the last two minutes of the match confirmed that Joe Harris was at fault for the move. Another forgotten whistle for the Serbian center that was not on his first attempt on the field. This is evidenced by the map, which explains the unfavorable (red) and positive (green) referees for each player this season.

As you may have noticed, the jockey often dominates the league, with forgotten whistles against him or given wrongly against him. Many clarifications need to be made. This map only indicates mistakes made or whistled during the last 2 minutes of a close match (3 points difference or less). The Denver star will also be subject to illegal protection because he takes most of his shots for granted, where mistakes are often made.

Also, some will point out that the jockey will outperform the other players on this list at the same time when it comes to favorable whistles. Finally, others will recall playing several games played in the Knuckles clutch, which will increase the number of controversial actions involving their big man. However, one can see this unfortunate trend of the authorities with the MVP candidate … Since 2015, he has been visiting all over the Atlantic.

Again, three times the All-Star are faltering in the rest of the Peking line in terms of action against him, but he finds himself more than many of his peers when it comes to positive whistles. What conclusions can be drawn from all these statistics? Undoubtedly the referees have a grudge against the interior. On the other hand, the latter have every reason to bother them often.

Carrying the status of a superstar does not mean that it should be viewed better by the referee. Evidence with Nicola Jogic is usually fined more than desired by the arbitrators at crucial moments.

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