“You will win 5 million because you run after me”

allen Iverson sous le maillot des 76ers lors des finales NBA 2001

Often considered an offensive league, however, the NBA knows how to financially reward its defensive experts. One invention, Alan Iverson, the author of the ultra-spicy junk, spoke upstairs to one of his direct rivals.

This claim was already verified thirty years ago, and still applies today. Given the pride of the place for the NBA figures, it also knows how to highlight the importance of its defenders if it pays a logically large salary to its biggest attackers. Nowadays, no doubt Rudy Cobert and Tremond Green refer to this feature more.

Despite being far from active averages, both men receive staggering salaries, which are largely due to their safety sciences. This can sometimes be annoying for someone like that Shahul O’Neill who seems to have trouble accepting it. Alan Iverson wanted to use it to try to humiliate his opponents.

One of the most dangerous threats in the league in its day, the answer was only subject to a tactical adjustment by opposing teams. He also saw a few players who specialized in referring. When he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2016, he revealed an attempt to sabotage one of them. Without success.

There was someone in the free throw line, and I said, “Look, man, if you don’t stop chasing me like that, we’re finally going to get into a fight,” he goes on. So I said, “The only reason you got a $ 5 million deal was because you were chasing me.” “And the guy looked at me and said, ‘Thank you. “

AI knows how to use words, but his narrator does not explicitly respond. Apparently, the legend of the Sixers was careful not to leave the identity of the player in question, not wanting to insult him publicly on this very special day. But for many fans, it’s Tyrone Lou.

The responsibilities between the two backs no longer hold any secrets and are characterized by the glorious hierarchies achieved in the 2001 finals. Problem: Clippers’ current coach has never benefited from a $ 5 million contract. Simple memory failure on the part of Iverson, or the worst thief? The mystery remains unsolved.

When he touched more than M 10 million a season in his heyday, Alan Iverson saw some opponents raise their bank accounts … thanks to him. However, his words suggested the same as the words of the player in question.

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