The NFL will return to London in 2021 after a absence of one year

NFL Londres

NFL Landress

With the Open Secret and Falcons’ announcement from April, the NFL will return to London this year. After a year off, two games should be scheduled for the next regular season.

Falcons and Jaguar at home

After moving away from the old continent from 2019 and changing plans for the Covit-19 2020 season, the NFL will return there in 2021. Athletes, The league has added two matches to its table in London – which will be revealed tomorrow – on the side Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Home of the named Premier League club.

If the posters are not known until tomorrow, home-made owners have already leaked. Lost against the Lions, away from the British capital since 2014 (22-21, ndlr), The Falcons Will be there again. Not really surprising to European fans, Atlanta had already announced its arrival in Europe in April. Not surprisingly, the other crowd considered the Jaguars to be playing at home. Jacksonville has been to London seven times London series Since 2013, Florida has frequently moved ownership across the Atlantic. This eighth visit will be an opportunity for European fans to discover Trevor Lawrence, Was recently selected in the first position Draft 2021.

After a year away, the NFL will return to London. If the league reopens internationally, it should not go to Mexico, which was visited between 2016 and 2019, considering the country’s health condition.

Image on a credit: Ticket Master

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