In eighth place is Palmeras, replaced by Santos


Beginning with the return phase of the Libertadores and qualifying for the championship, some favorites and other foreigners seek to transform themselves.


It is undoubtedly the poster of the evening. In the rib Belmiro, Santos Welcome Boca Juniors For revenge for the final semifinal of the event. Beyond this aspect of revenge, the clash between the two favorites of the group promised to be hot because one or the other was not responsible. Worse Fish, A new failure almost condemned him. The start of the match was the same போகா Who was more enthusiastic and generally dominant in the first half hour. It was time for Carlos Davies to miss a ready goal after Pavon’s perfect service. So this case lasted about half an hour. Because போகா Then decomposed. The middle trident failed to control this area or make changes, Santos Reorganizing the discussions and not missing the opportunity to turn his command into a goal above all else, Felipe Jonathan delivered an incredibly solo act in the most passive defense. The match could have been folded from the start of the second act when Isquertos intervened with his hand in his area. Fortunately போகா, The referee of the meeting was busy looking elsewhere, and the absence of VAR allowed the score not to form. Santos And then managing one போகா Without ideas, other than believing in Pawan’s individual efforts, a media that is not very much in the game and a deves who forced his strikes. As a result, the Russo team comes in third overall and must win their last two games to qualify when they have to play their first Argentina match. superclasic This can have serious consequences.

Malfunction doubles Xeneizes At the same time, Barcelona Fell in Bolivia. After a very solid start to the match, Gustavo would lead the wire prematurely out, which was close to the Florentine exit. Tigers of Strong Thanks to Jair Rhinoso. These goals rewarded more interested Bolivians who believe in a better Vega in goals and a formidable performance against folding the case after hours of full-time play Torros People of Ecuador. This provides success Strong His first points in the event and the team started again.

Resume is the key word Touchera Who rediscovered the taste for success by presenting himself as the band’s biggest favorite International. The Colorado However, they started their match perfectly at the Pueblo Nuevo de San Cristobal, monopolizing the ball (almost 64% possession) and creating several clear situations. Diego Calhardo’s starting score at the start of the second act should have killed the suspense, but it didn’t happen. BecauseInter Relax at the same time Touchera In the encounter, Rose Crescento starts to put too much pressure and creates danger. Marcelo Lomba saved his team three times before finally giving up two in the last quarter of an hour. As a result, Touchera It is up to the Brazilians, who will end up with four teams on six points if they winOlympiad Before Always ready.

The fourth day has already delivered some judgments. On his way to Quito, Palmeras did more Palm trees. It is sometimes annoying, especially to oppose supporters, but this makes for incredible performance Green A formidable machine. Before Freedom of the Valley, Abel Ferreira’s men have no ball (28% possession!), No chances (five shots against twenty – one), but what’s important: three points. So the outgoing champion has already qualified for eighth place and is guaranteed to finish first in his group. Another judgment, deletion Game Crystal. Before Racing, The Celestial The Peruvians have tasted this incredible unpredictability Academy Argentina. Team with the ability to sink in the face River Before opposing him, he must be at the gates of being expelled from local competitions before qualifying and be close to expelling his coach before blessing him at the end of a proper week. In Lima, Juan Antonio Busy chose to play the draw as best he could to strike better at the end of the game. At the start of the last quarter of an hour, Chancale received the highlight of the Beatty Hope two minutes into the distance. Crystal Who until now had not stumbled upon Gabriel Arias. Racing Now he finds himself nowhere near the 16th round Sa Palo Before Tenants Remove permanently Game Crystal.

Deletion is close La cholera. In Cement Who can offer some regret at the end of the shock against the 2019 champion, Flamenco. Because it all started out like a dream La cholera Who used the defensive part of the axis flamenco Quickly took a 2-0 lead (Ariel Martinez and William Ario against his side). Unfortunately for the residents of Nicholas Sahu, this delay of two goals arose Flamenco This quickly narrowed the gap Coffee, Became the highest-scoring player in the history of the club in Libertadores, and resumed his own dominance in the second act despite particular threats from Jason Vargas. Providing a dominant balance point Flamenco, William Ario scored on the right side this time, who puts up La cholera At the gates of removal.

Results and videos

Deportivo Táchira 2 – 1 International

Strong 2 – 0 Barcelona

Santos 1 – 0 Boca Juniors

Independent de Valle 0 – 1 Palmiras

Game Crystal 0 – 2 Racing

Union la Cholera 2 – 2 Flamenco


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