Brett Pavre did not pay his dues

Brett Pavre did not pay his dues

The former NFL star quarterback is said to have not repaid the full amount in excess of $ 1 million, and he has promised to return.

In May 2020, the Mississippi State Government discovered that large sums of money given to two non-profit organizations, which were initially intended for underprivileged people, had been misappropriated.

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Of these sums, 1 1.1 million was donated to Brett Pavrin’s businesses so that he could speak publicly at events and sign autographs. The latter promised a year ago that he would repay the full amount and send almost half the amount directly, i.e. $ 500,000 directly.

“There is no update to provide,” said Logan Reeves, a spokesman for the Mississippi State Audit Office. USA Today, Monday. “He [Favre] Made a commitment to appear in our newsletter a year ago. First, after paying 000 500,000, he promised to repay the remaining 1 1.1 million. ”

Despite a pledge from the former headquarters of the Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets and the Minnesota Vikings, there is no formal agreement to repay the remaining $ 600,000. In addition, no charges will be laid against Faure.

“If he decides not to pay anymore, it is his decision until action is taken by the federal government.” It may or may not happen. “

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