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There is something new about the universe of the series Ten percent, Aired by France 2 and available on Netflix. After Dominique Besnehard announced the extra season and film project to the Belgian newspaper Telebro last January, confirmation came in mid-April. The latter was done Europe 1 Presented by Thomas Anarkros, President of MediaOne Studios. In terms of timeline, the film will be released before the fifth season.

That’s not all because the series will be shipping soon! In fact, the series was released in the UK “Call my agent“. American media on May 6th Deadline Released the cast of this project Re-creation. The game will be played by Lydia Leonard, Jack Davenport, Maggie Stead, Prasanna Bhuvanaraja, Harry Trevaldwin and Hift Guasem. They will play Rebecca, Jonathan, Stella, Don, Olly and Misha respectively. The latter is based on the roles of Rebecca and Jonathan, as well as the roles of Andrea Mortal (Camille Cotin) and Matthias Bornville (Thibo de Montalmbert). The first season will have eight one-hour episodes and currently has no broadcaster.

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