Facebook IDs are reporting with News Corp in Australia

Facebook IDs are reporting with News Corp in Australia

Eventually, the social media company will share a portion of its advertising revenue with Australian newspaper publishers. On Tuesday, a multi-billion dollar deal was signed with President Rupert Murdoch’s press team.

The deal was announced between Facebook and Australia’s two leading news organizations, News Corp Australia and Nine Entertainment. “Great improvement after weeks of tense negotiations” This Tuesday explains the introduction of legislation to force Internet agents to pay a portion of their income to the media. Age.

Facebook and News Corp Australia have agreed that social networking will pay off “Billions of Dollars” To share the news content of the Australian team for three years, Note The Inbre Belgium.

65 million euros a year for the magazine

Although the details are not known, Facebook and Google agreements with Australian media publishers are expected to contribute AU 100 million [environ 65 millions d’euros] To the magazine of the year ”, Australian match regulator Rod Sims explains Financial Times.

Rupert Murdoch’s team controls 70% of the print media in Australia The Australian, The Daily Telegraph And Harold Sun, But the News.com site and the Sky News Australia television network, “Most shared information brand on Facebook in Australia”, Remind her BBC.

For its part, it is owned by Nine Entertainment, the second largest Australian newspaper group Sydney Morning Herald And Age, Signed “A Letter with the Technology Company for the Use of Its Press Articles”, Confirms Age. The details of the talks are confidential.

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