Bird-like dinosaurs had unusual night vision

Bird-like dinosaurs had unusual night vision

The 70-million-year-old Mongolian fossil reveals a small dinosaur whose sight and hearing were sharper than a branch.

Under the shadow of an ancient Mongolian desert during the Cretaceous, the dinosaur like a small bird used its high vision and sharp hearing to adapt to a nightlife, which was previously very rare among dinosaurs.

According to the description in the magazine Science On May 6, a new prehistoric creature was discovered that lived about 65-70 million years ago, the size of a small cat and belonged to a group of bipedal therapists. The researchers named it the Shuia Testi.

Bird-like simulations of the dinosaur Shuia testi.  Photo: Victor Ridermaker.

Bird-like simulations of the dinosaur Shuia testi. Image: Victor Ridermaker.

Analysis of the bony tube inside the skull with the bone and auditory organ surrounding the student showed that the bird-like dinosaur had sharper eyes and ears than a branch, allowing them to search for prey in the shadows. It was completely dark.

Shuya does not have the strong jaws and large teeth found in other carnivorous dinosaurs, but instead have a bird-shaped light skull and many small teeth, such as rice seeds, because they mainly prey on small animals such as insects and lizards.

This night hunter has very long hind legs, while the forelegs are very short. All the organs have large nails, which reveals that the soil digs well.

“With its long legs, Shuia can quickly chase prey. It uses its claws to dig through rocks, causing the prey to leave its habitat,” said Jonah Zoiner, an archaeologist at the University of South Waters in Southwaters.

A well-preserved fossil specimen of the Shuia Testi.  Photo: Mick Ellison / Reuters.

A well-preserved fossil specimen of the Shuia Testi. Image: Mick Ellison / Reuters.

Co-author Roger Benson, a geologist at the University of Oxford in the UK, emphasized that the only dinosaur with a super-long, spiral-shaped, cochlear canal was the Shuia. To allow balance and head movement while moving around the brain and in the bones attached to the ears. The cochlear tube is long and is the best ear for an animal.

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This finding shows that nightlife flourished during the Cretaceous. Shuia is an example that proves that dinosaurs have incredible abilities and adaptive abilities.

Don Duong (As stated therein CBC News)

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