May 9, 1934 in the sky: The plane flying towards London disappears over the English Channel

May 9, 1934 in the sky: The plane flying towards London disappears over the English Channel

Flight History – May 9, 1934. The recorded flight F.-AMHP was reported missing on May 9, 1934 after taking off from Le Borquet Aerodrome in the Paris region to London. Six of the three were on board the plane to carry out this journey which unfortunately came to an end when the channel was crossed.

The other crew recognizes the study of the crash above the waves, thus triggering an air crash that would have left Bologna-sur-Mera without any trace. The wreckage included three crew members, including Franுவாois Connaught, the pilot and Joseph O’Leary, his radio operator and three passengers.

Everything leads to the belief that the plane crashed due to the bad weather that ruled then: in fact, the visibility was strongly reduced, due to the error of the fog, which caused the device to sink to the bottom of the ocean. The surface of the water …

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