Espalion. Avron: They crossed South America

Espalion.  Avron: They crossed South America

Julie and Herv are no strangers to travel. They count a lot of kilometers on different paths. Thus, after an extension of a route in Australia after a long voyage in New Zealand, they reached France by bike from Romania. A spectacular abduction of Eastern Europe foreshadowed another ambitious plan.

“We reunited across South America from Colombia to the end of Patagonia in Ushuaia. We were told it was dangerous to take irresponsible risks.

“When we left Colombia, we did not make any physical preparations; the form of the game came over a kilometer. In Colombia, we were predicted to have the worst dangers. We regret being limited in our movements by bicycle.There are plenty of places we wanted to see, a lot of people to meet, but the distance to go by bicycle was not realized in the same way as done by car.

This feeling of not seeing everything when we decided to go on a trip again a few months ago had a strong impact on us. Our choice, by wearing the van, to be the most flexible in terms of travel, are sudden choices to change our route. In addition, we now have a dog, and leaving in a van only allowed him to take us with him. “

However, this beautiful journey through South America can be enjoyed for 41 minutes on YouTube (In Tandem Through the Andes), where Julie and Herv edited the picture of their adventures. We see them face a path “where you have to die all in the middle of nowhere like pedaling and sleep. A choice to share the opportunity to present this film in front of 90 people in Spanish cinema.” We answered many questions. “

Finally, if you want to follow the couple’s new journey, you can go with them via Instagram: unveuneaventure

Finally, we agree with them to follow them and provide you with regular updates.

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