Starbucks on the verge of leaving Facebook?

Starbucks on the verge of leaving Facebook?

The American coffeehouse chain, tired of the hateful comments that flood some of its posts, is reportedly considering deleting its page on the social network.

Will Starbucks be the first major company to exit Facebook? After all, this is what the social network with 3 billion users fears. According to information from BuzzFeed News, The American coffee chain, Tired of the hateful comments that flooded his posts, will consider deleting his page.

An employee in charge of relations between the Facebook and Seattle team wondered in an internal email if the Starbucks teams “should be on stage constantly.” “Whenever they post about social issues, their purpose, their values ​​(eg Black Lives Matter, LGBT movement, climate change, etc.) they are overwhelmed by negative / emotional comments and hate speech.”

According to a Facebook employee at the origin of these emails, Starbucks would have sent a series of questions to the social network to understand how its algorithms moderate or increase the visibility of comments under publications.


Coffee chain spokeswoman Sanja Gold did not confirm Starbucks’ intention to leave Facebook. It is also difficult to know whether such a decision will affect only the United States or the entire world. “While some changes have been implemented, we hope to do more to create welcoming and inclusive online communities,” he said. He added: “We work with all companies that do business to ensure that any advertisement made on our behalf is in line with the company’s values.”

Already last June, hundreds of companies, including Starbucks, announced in the United States that they would stop advertising on Facebook. Two weeks ago, 20 English Premier League football clubs said they were boycotting social networks to demand strong action against online hate and discrimination, especially from Facebook and Twitter.

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