NFL: Packers are said to be looking for quarterbacks

NFL: Packers are said to be looking for quarterbacks

According to what ESPN has learned, Green Bay Packers have begun the process of finding a new quarterback so they can join the team to begin operations.

This research will be launched specifically because Jordan Love is currently the only quarterback of the team at Aaron Rodgers.

After he explained that he no longer wanted to be a part of the organization, it was not yet certain whether Rodgers would participate in volunteer training later this month.

Rodgers has been a regular part of off-season training programs, and he has a $ 500,000 off-season training bonus.

After the NFL draft, General Manager Brian Guttegunst agreed to add extra quarterbacks to the team, but they did not select anything in the draft.

Guttegunst has said the team has a very high chance of getting a rookie quarterback who was not selected before next season.

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