Faced with rising tensions, London sends two patrol boats to Jersey

Faced with rising tensions, London sends two patrol boats to Jersey


Fishing rights in Jersey: London sends two patrol boats in the face of rising tensions
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The access of French fishermen to the British Sea is at the center of new tensions between the two countries. About fifty boats in Jersey (United Kingdom) protest against restrictions on Thursday, May 6th.

On Thursday, May 6, to the island of Jersey (United Kingdom), Norman fishermen are condemning the unpredictable conditions with fishing licenses to continue their operations in the area after Brexit. Fishing areas and periods have now been reduced. “As you can see Chanel Beach, the landscape [de pêche] Half. Boats can go there a few days a year, depending on the licenses issued. “, Thursday morning Baptist Kunan, fisherman, was allotted 22 days, against the previous hundred.

It is the United Kingdom that decides which species of fish should be caught on each boat. The requirements are determined unilaterally by the English. The intimidating French Maritime Minister Annie Girardin in half words cannot be allowed to reduce the island’s current. The threats were deemed unacceptable by the British government, which announced the sending of two Royal Navy patrol vessels.

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