Diego Bonetta, the star of the series breaking across Latin America

Diego Bonetta, the star of the series breaking across Latin America

“I always knew what it was like to be alive, someone on a pedestal like Louis Miguel,” Bonnetta told the Associated Press. Cotobarto In 2020. So he is preparing religiously for this role. Fortunately, he is well acquainted with Croner’s work, but above all, like him, he knew the celebrity very young and understands how heavy it can be, a theme that was widely discussed on the show. Except that the actor admits that Louis Miguel is not a “baby miracle,” but a hard worker who took 16 years to get to where he is today.

For months, he has been training to speak, sing, and move like his character, with a perfection that transcends boundaries: his father says, at the hotel where he stayed, his son’s walls were covered with notes and posts. , Movements, conversations. For the rest, Bonetta learned by spending time with the singer, who got him on several occasions to talk about the series.

In 2019, the public finds the first season Louis Miguel: Series And with a devastating physique, comes under the spell of the hero. (Almost) Thirty immediately becomes a star and presents herself along with the actress Nyan Gonzalez Norwind, One of the main roles in the film Michael Franco, New order, Which will be crowned as the Grand Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival in 2020. However, it was necessary to wait three years to find the bonnet on Croner’s skin.

In April 2021, Netflix will begin uploading one episode of the second season each week. This time, the Mexican’s acting is accompanied by an interesting physical transformation. Unity is worrying and as usual, Diego Bonetta immerses body and soul in the character. “When I finished filming the series, I had no idea who I was (…) I had the idea to change myself. [Luis Miguel] », He agrees. This uncompromising commitment, combined with a good level of talent, makes him one of the most promising players of his generation today.

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The second season of “Louis Miguel: The Series” is available on Netflix, with a new episode each week.

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