Apple App Tracking Transparency: 12% of users allow tracking

Apple App Tracking Transparency: 12% of users allow tracking

About 12% of Apple users worldwide own it Updated their devices to iOS 14.5 Enables applications Access the IDFAEnables tracking to identify device identification code and their activities, and to display targeted ads.

According to the findings Outrage analysis, Has detected daily activation and crash rates since the update was released, this percentage will be Only 4% in the United States. Because of this, As already highlighted In the last few days Apple Figures, Most users Prevents monitoring of its functions.

ATT function – application tracking transparency – sees the addition of a new button “Activity Monitoring Request” Within privacy systems. Enabling it will give applications the ability to display pop-ups It allows you to choose between “Consent” Oh “Ask the app not to monitor”. Disabling the key will block access to all applications and pop-ups will not be displayed. If desired, it is still possible to select applications individually to provide tracking.

Interestingly, most users make voluntary choices. The research firm, in fact, found that only 5% of users have disabled the function for all applications, so they click on the option to block tracking when the pop-up is displayed.

Data based Daily sample of approximately 5.3 million users worldwide And the 2.5 million US and adoption rate feature was calculated by dividing the number of devices enabled (prevent tracking) by the number of enables and the number of deactivated ones.

This feature is part of Apple’s growing concern for user privacy. However, ATT is causing a great deal of concern among developers and advertising companies, and they have already Various appeals to regulatory bodies Competition, which can see a drastic reduction in advertising revenue.

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