All American football season begins with The CW with Day Dix

All American Saison 1 Poster - All American : La saison de Football débute sur The CW avec Taye Diggs

All-American Season 1 Poster - All-American Football Season CW with Day Dix

Now every year, CW offers a new series that goes beyond what it usually does. In this answer, so is us All Americans, A young American footballer show starting tonight on the American Channel.

Produced by Greg Berlandi and written by April Blair, All Americans Inspired by the life of a professional player Spencer Basinger Thus interested in the young rising star Spencer James (Daniel Ezra) in the football world, who first plays for South Central LA, he is recruited to join the Beverly Hills High team to better convey victories, losses and trials. Two families (Compton and Beverly Hills) meet from very different backgrounds.

Day Dix, Samantha Logan, Pre-Z, Creta Onyogo, Monet Masoor, Michael Evans Behling, Cody Christian, Karima Westbrook and Jolin Hall completed the cast of this first season.

Finally, it will be noticed, As Fascinated, This is the first season All Americans Received an order for 5 additional shots. So, if it is successful enough, it can be extended beyond 13 episodes.


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